Where You Fit

Do you share LCC’s vision of transformational education? Would you like to see lives and societies changed through your leadership, teaching and relationships? As a world community, we’ve watched the doors of Eastern Europe open and societies emerge from decades of Communist rule. We’ve seen nations struggle to rebuild; we’ve observed both their successes and failures. We’re looking for people who are not content to be mere observers but want to make a difference and bring about change. LCC is looking for faculty and staff in a variety of program areas. Are you wondering what opportunities might be a good fit for you? The information below summarizes each of our program areas. Click on the links to find out more information about position details, qualification requirements, assignment dates and application deadlines. If you are interested in a short term assignment (one month) see information below about our summer programs (University Summer Sessions and Summer Language Institute).

University Teaching

The university currently teaches on Bachelor and Master levels with several majors on each of them. In addition, we seek faculty in a variety of other academic disciplines to round out the liberal arts curriculum.

University Summer Sessions

University summer sessions are college courses taught in three-week, intensive sessions during May, June, and July.

English Center

The English Center is an adult education program that provides working professionals with relevant, interactive English language instruction.

Summer Language Institute

The Summer Language Institute is a one-month, high-energy English language program geared towards adult professionals and high school students.

Student Life

The Student Life Department at LCC seeks to give shape and purpose to students’ out-of-classroom learning experiences by providing opportunities to develop leadership abilities, life skills and values.