On behalf of the Student Life staff, I invite you to explore the information in this section to discover many services and co-curricular programs that we offer at LCC International University. I encourage you to be active and get involved in the “outside of classroom” activities that will help you to develop exceptional teamwork, leadership, intercultural skills as well as social responsibility. The Department of Student Life together with Academics Department create a unique student-centered learning environment that ensures students’ holistic growth and development. The community of LCC International University is very diverse and includes many sub-communities within which you’ll find opportunity to participate: the residential communities within Neumann and Enns Halls, the international communities made of many different nationalities, spiritual communities which include a breadth of ecumenical backgrounds, the community within your specific class, and most importantly, the academic community. But even within each of those sub-communities, you’ll still find a broad range of cultures and personalities, differing ages and beliefs and a variety of family backgrounds.

It is because of these differences that LCC International University can be the unique place that it is. If something seems confusing to you, ask questions to seek greater understanding. If someone’s differences bother you, attempt to get to know them. By openly interacting with these differences, you’ll discover an appreciation for the uniqueness in each situation. Take an active role in sharing your own personal uniqueness and this community will only become more rich & flavorful!

You will experience many new things through your participation in the community of LCC International University…don’t assume you know what it’s all about before you try something new. Dive in and experience the diverse elements of this community to the fullest and before you know it, the LCC International University community will have become your community.

If there is anything we can do to guide you during these university years, feel free to contact my office at mpavlovic@lcc.lt or 8 46 241 391.

I look forward to working with each you as we continue to develop this exceptional student experience.

Margarita Pavlovič
Vice President, Student Life

A member of