LCC is active far beyond our campus. We believe that LCC offers quality English language instruction for people of all walks of life who want to learn English in a professional and positive atmosphere.

First, each semester, over 100 students come to our campus for English language classes. Adult professionals and secondary school students attend evening classes to improve their English proficiency. We offer classes for all levels of English. Second, LCC supports English language teachers in the regional public schools by offering pedagogical seminars for teachers twice a year. These seminars bring together teachers for their professional development. In addition, July is a very busy month; we host a Summer Language Institute on our Klaipėda campus. Over 300 students come from several countries to spend the month living in the dormitories and learning English. Meanwhile, we also run similar Summer Language programs with our partners in countries such as Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine, the Netherlands,  and Kazakhstan.

Useful Links

We know that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of links on the internet where you can search for English lessons and English tests. Here are our favorites:

Oxford University Press; New English File
Our teachers’ favorite textbook offers links for all of our students. Click on your level and find practice exercises directly related to your course book. Work at home with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, games and audio exercises at each level.

British Council Lithuania
Sign up for IELTS, ACCA, APTIS exams, learn English on line or participate in a project.

TED Talks
Hear live lectures by people in all professions as they talk about a wide range of current events and global topics. We love this site for listening and discussion. It’s better than TV!

BBC Learn English
Read the news in English – and understand it. Follow a short story that never ends. Learn vocabulary relevant to current new articles. Check your English by taking a quiz. This is great site for business professionals.

Australian Network
Practice your English language speaking and listening skills by watching videos, playing in a sports lounge, using TV guides and interacting with social media. This site is very interactive and up-to-date.

Association of Language Testers of Europe
Find out how language proficiency is defined across Europe. Click on “Framework” to read the definitions of language levels.

Incredible English
Young learners love to learn. This is the website for the materials that we use in our children’s program. Your children can learn colors, numbers, foods, family members, shapes, and much, much more; you are never too young to begin learning English.

Purdue On – Line Writing Lab
For advanced academic students, 12th graders and others who are looking for the authoritative answers to academic writing questions, we like the Purdue On – Line Writing Lab from Purdue University, USA.

Lietuvos anglų kalbos mokytojų asociacija
We love to make contacts with English teachers all over Lithuania. Our friends are the Lietuvos anglų kalbos mokytojų asociacija for professional development for English teachers.

International Debate Education Association on Facebook
Are you a school leaver preparing for a debate? This is the perfect website for you. The International Debate Education Association outlines both sides of the argument for many, many topics. Read and learn the logical arguments for winning your next debate.

Educational Testing Service
LCC is a Certified Test Administration Site for the TOEFL iBT®. Everything you need to know about preparing for the test, registering, taking the test and getting your results is here.