Today’s social, political, economic, and environmental problems become more complex each day – they cannot be solved by people trained only in a single discipline. In our globalized world the speed of technology, communication, and business travel faster each day – the modern workplace demands flexibility and adaptability. Multidisciplinary knowledge and adaptability are precisely the strengths of a liberal arts university education. LCC International University’s liberal arts curriculum combines expertise in a major field with multiple knowledges gained from a broad general education platform; and we amplify the practicality and value of all our degree programs through the development of particularly strong skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

At LCC, liberal arts is not merely a curricular model, it’s an institutional ethos-one which extends from active classroom pedagogy to developing student leadership skills to the deeply held beliefs that students are not numbers and our university does not exist to simply manufacture graduates. In the course of their studies students receive considerable individual attention and feedback from our highly qualified faculty. LCC students thrive in our highly diverse international student body because every LCC student is valued and respected as a unique individual and singular voice. We train students to be socially committed, self-reflective, active citizens and professionals. It is our liberal arts ethos, our commitment to critical thinking and self-awareness of one’s values and cultural assumptions, and our distinctive international atmosphere, which constitutes LCC International University’s unique educational experience.

Prof. J.D.Mininger
Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculty
Email: jdmininger@lcc.lt