Graduation is always my favorite time of the year. It is at graduation that students begin to internalize the end of something worthwhile, the beginning of a new unknown. It is at graduation that students express gratitude in ways that are authentic and heartfelt. So many of you have participated in the lives of the graduating class of 2019. Thank you for making a difference! These graduates will become world-changers.


The 2019 Baccalaureate Service on May 4 was memorable, where the Scripture text was read in the 15 languages of our graduating class, and challenging words were offered by the student speaker from Bangladesh and the main speakers, our co-chaplains.

At our Commencement Ceremony, we celebrated two distinguished alumni award recipients: Dr. Lina Toth (Class of 2001), currently a professor of theology in Scotland; and Henrikas Urbonas (Class of 2012), contributing globally with his interpretation app called Interactio. The student speaker was our Student Council President, from Ukraine, and the main speaker was a member of the Lithuanian parliament, from Klaipėda.

The students, now alumni, each have a story of their journey to and through LCC. Now we watch as they move into their next stage of life. We wish them well as this new chapter unfolds, and we offer them God’s blessings in this transition.


In this newsletter, we are highlighting two graduates. Both of these young men are extraordinary examples of what is possible with dedication and hard work . . . and the support of donors who opened the doors of opportunity for them.

Nika, from Tbilisi, Georgia, took full advantage of his 4 years at LCC, in ways that transcended the degree programs that we offer. We are proud of his accomplishments in technology and social media, and of his continuing interest in connecting people.

Thank you! We are grateful for the donors in Canada who funded his education, giving Nika a launching pad to a creative and global future.

Mantas, from Klaipėda, Lithuania, went the counter-cultural route as a basketball player. He now leaves with the formative experiences of 4 years on the basketball court, as well as a useful degree that provides him with career opportunities for years to come.

Thank you! We are grateful for donors to LCC who understand the value of the student-athlete experience, and who have given Mantas and others like him the moral foundation of an LCC education.


You do not always hear directly from students or graduates. Those of us on campus sometimes do. I know that the gratitude expressed at graduation is just a taste of what is felt.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of students at LCC. Your prayers and your support are blessing many.

Here are the words of a recent graduate, as she picked up her diploma last week:

“Four years at LCC mean so much to me, I can’t even begin to express my appreciation for this place and people. LCC helped me to find myself, love myself, love the world and people, become curious about the world, and very importantly – God has revealed himself to me here.

I want to thank every single person at LCC for making this place as wonderful, encouraging, challenging, accepting as it is now.”

This note of thanks goes to you as well, as part of the global LCC community. Thank you!


Marlene Wall, PhD